The Mundane Life of a Weirdo

When I think of 'blogs' I think of something scripted and well thought out. Something prepared for and interesting. Well I can tell you right now that isn't what this blog will be.


This floating space on the interwebz will be my own personal 'diary' if you will. Somewhere where I can document my days, vent a little and generally express myself.


Now, a lot of what I document - hell most what I write here -  will not be too exciting, hence the title of this blog. I'm a nerdy, 26 year old English lass that just happens to have a YouTube channel. That's it. I don't go to fancy bars (I don't even drink), I lack anything remotely like a social life and the most exciting things I get up to usually involve dressing up as a character and meeting like-minded nerds.


So this will be my diary of my 'mundane' life. I hope you enjoy reading about what I do or don't get up to. Maybe I'll make you laugh or nod your head as you relate to some things. Maybe you'll become so bored of learning about the nothingness that my days entail that you'll create your own blog just to show how much more interesting you are! Whataver the case may be, thank you for taking the time to click on over here.


Now, forward I go!